Wish List

This Wish List is a collection of big and little items that we either need now, need to replace or will need in the future. If you would like to contribute toward one or more of these items you may send a check made out to the FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, stating what the money goes towards such as "Wish List-church roof". Or you may give here online. This is tax deductible.

1.  Resurface & line the parking lot                                                      $1,100


2. Two outdoor lights on west side of building not working                $1,500


3. Gutter/downspouts install heat tapes on the lower shingles

and in the gutters. To prevent water running down the bricks.


4. Power wash the discolored bricks (damage to the bricks occurs

in the winter as water on the bricks freezes and thaws.

The freeze/thaw process pushes the mortar out).


5. ​Apply a coat of quality protectorate on the bricks which has

a 20-year life expectancy.


6. Replace carpet in narthex along the windows and stairways.         $6,000


7. Two AEDs with first aid kits and wall holder placed by elevator     

upstairs and in basement.                                                                   $3,000-$4,000                                                                

8. Bathroom door buttons (4) to open doors for disabled folks.


9. Two standard dishwashers.                                                             $1,000.00 for 2?


10. Two gas stoves with window in oven door and self-cleaning.       $600-$700/stove?




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# Item or Project                                                           Funds Needed      Status

Thank you for considering contributing to one of these projects.