First & Foremost,

We Love Visitors!

Our Path

Come to worship

Connect in a nurturing environment

Join our family of families

Grow through worship and study

Serve in the Church and community

Go to spread the Good News and live in its richness

Sunday Services:

Who is welcomed?

Services have inspiring music, insightful sermons that are applicable to daily living, and a communal presence of people who share and care. 

Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month with members and visitors sharing the bread and the cup (gluten free wafers available and we use only grape juice).

All visitors are welcomed to participate in communion.


Special services include January Recommitment Service, Bible and Breakfast Worship, Lenten Services,

Recognition of First Responders, All Saints Day Memorial Service, Pilgrim Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, and Christmas and Easter Cantatas.


(Any sinner: addicts, adulterers, alcoholics, allies, atheist, asexual, bisexual, burdened, children,

church ladies, 

co-dependents, depressed, disabled, fat, foolish, gay, grandparents, grumpy, happy, hate filled, healing, homeless, hopeless, intersex, judgmental, liars, lesbian, old, pansexual, poor, queer, questioning, rich, sad, singers, skinny, suffering, talented, talentless, tone deaf, transgender, two-spirit, young, etc.

and this is the short list). 

What may I wear?


(dress for heat or cold,

dress casual or formal,

dress in bright or muted colors,

dress in a uniform, jackets, suits, skirts, dresses, kilt, trousers, shorts, T-shirts, flip flops, steel toed shoes, boots, slippers, heels, sneakers, hat or no hat, etc.).



Vital to all churches is an active membership and is especially important in a Congregational Church because the members make all of the governance decisions. Once you join the church, you are an equal member in our family with all the privileges and responsibilities.

Joining is easy:

1. Declare your intent to a minister.

2. Meet with the minister.

3. Upon recommendation of our Minister and approval of the Church council you are received into membership.


The church is blessed and renewed by

the infusion of new members.

Contact Us


The Rev. Joy Baumgartner



801 Bushnell St.

(corner of Bushnell & Park)

Beloit, WI 53511