You do not need to be a member at First Congregational Church to have your wedding here.We at First Congregational Church want to make sure your wedding is an event you will remember, not for the stress and difficulties, but for the beauty and sacredness of the moment. The guidelines we have established are designed to make your wedding memorable, while still maintaining the sacrosanct nature of the event. We are happy to serve you and share in this, the happiest day of your life.

Marriage is an act of entering into covenant relationship with one another and with God. In so doing, a man and woman bind themselves together by making eternal vows to one another. The making of those vows is the true center of the marriage service, meaning that weddings need not be elaborate in order to be lovely. The most important thing in any wedding service is the sincerity and love of those making the vows and the making of the vows before God.

Our Wedding Facilitator

Our Wedding Facilitator, will help you have a smooth rehearsal and a wedding that will be a happy and long-remembered occasion.  A well-planned wedding preserves the spiritual aspect of Christian Marriage, this beautiful ceremony of Christian worship.

You should have an appointment with our Wedding Facilitator shortly after your wedding date is scheduled at the church.  At this appointment, the Wedding Facilitator will discuss the fees with you and will go over the facilities of the church, such as the sanctuary, bridal parlor, other dressing rooms, multi-purpose room, etc.  The Check List for Weddings form you will get with the wedding booklet needs to be filled out for the wedding facilitator, reflecting the bride and groom's wishes for their wedding. Copies will be made for the church file and for the bride and groom.

In the event of a cancellation or a change in the scheduled time or day of the service, the Wedding Facilitator must be informed.  It is the Wedding Facilitator's responsibility to relay this important information to the Minister, the Organist, Office Administrator, and the Custodian.


The Wedding Facilitator will attend the rehearsal, instruct ushers and attendants of their duties, time the processional and assist in other details. She/he will attend the wedding to see that the candles are lighted, the parents are seated at the proper time, the attendants are started down the aisle correctly, etc., and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding your ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Wedding Facilitator is NOT responsible for catering arrangements for receptions at the church.  If you are planning to hold your reception at First Congregational Church, this must first be cleared with the minister.  It is important that you do this well in advance of the wedding to discuss specific needs in terms of furniture set-ups, kitchen facilities, etc.


*The church will not be reserved for your wedding until a "Facility Use Agreement" is completely filled out and the church has received a $150 refundable deposit.

For more information, contact our office to receive our "Wedding Booklet."


ITEM                               COST                 MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO:


SANCTUARY                $500                   First Congregational Church
and dressing rooms


MINISTERS                  $250                    Rev. N. Kendell Nordstrom/Rev. Joy Baumgartner


ORGANIST                   $200                    Max Yount 

           NOTE: Non-FCC organist must be approved by church organist


FACILITATOR            $200                    Marie Martin


CUSTODIAN                  $50                     Judy Haberman
($20 per hour, 2-1/2 hour minimum, additional hours will be charged if necessary)


Kitchen (food prep)         $125                  First Congregational Church
            (light usage)           $50

Multi Purpose Room      $200                  First Congregational Church


FACILITATOR             $100                   Marie Martin


CUSTODIAN                   $40                   Judy Haberman

($20 per hour, 2 hour minimum, additional hours will be charged if necessary)

Deposit due with application - $150.00

One half of the Wedding Facilitator's fees and sanctuary fees are due upon approval of use and are non-refundable. Balance of fees are due 15 days prior to ceremony.


(Fees were set by the Board of Trustees)

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