Since our Sunday morning Bible Study with Kendell has been studying the book of Genesis and generated such lively discussion, I will continue with that series with Genesis 12-32.  We will follow the same format and I look forward to study with all who attend.  The lessons are as follows:


            February 7 - ENTERTAINING HEAVENLY VISITORS - Genesis 18:  16-33

                         Abram and Sarai – the story of their family


            February 14 - FIRE FROM HEAVEN - Genesis 19:  1-29

                        We find a story of hospitality and aggression toward strangers –

                        With Lot and his wife, and Abraham witnessing destruction


            February 21 - A GIFT …. AND A TEST - Genesis 22:  1-19

                        God seems to subject Abraham to one last test


            February 28 - JACOB FACES HIS PAST - Genesis 32:  22-31

                        The story of Jacob and Esau



Where, When and How Long?

We meet at 9 AM for fifty minutes in the parlor of the First Congregational Church, 801 Bushnell St., Beloit, WI. Coffee, conversation and warm welcome is provided.

 Church contact info:  801 Bushnell Street

                                   Beloit, WI  53511







Adult Bible studies are held throughout the year. Past studies of this year were; "The Purpose Driven Life," Jewish Festivals, Using Your Spiritual Gifts, 1 Peter Walk the Talk, and "The Shack."

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