FALL 2014




It’s A Question of Faith:

Exploring Christian Faith’s Most Important Questions


We begin our Christian Education course for adults on Sunday, at 9:00 AM in the parlor of First Congregational Church of Beloit. Each session, led by Rev. Kendell Nordstrom, will last until 10:00 AM.


Study sheets for the next week’s course are on the tables in the Gathering Space.

Church contact info:  801 Bushnell Street

                                   Beloit, WI  53511







Bible 101 is for children of reading age and older. The class is for parents and children to learn the basics of the Bible while having fun with their parents. In the class there are games, crafts, and a scavanger hunt. 

Adult Bible studies are held throughout the year. Past studies of this year were; "The Purpose Driven Life," Jewish Festivals, Using Your Spiritual Gifts, 1 Peter Walk the Talk, and "The Shack."

Five Practices group is a group of individuals taking Biblical practices and applying them towards ministry. All are welcome.

God and Me

God and Me is for boys or girls involved in the scouting program. Individuals will earn their religious emblem while having fun.

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