FALL 2014




It’s A Question of Faith:

Exploring Christian Faith’s Most Important Questions


We begin our Christian Education course for adults on Sunday, September 14th, at 9:00 AM in the parlor of First Congregational Church of Beloit. Each session, led by Rev. Kendell Nordstrom, will last until 10:00 AM.


You may choose to attend one, several, or all of the sessions, since each (except for one) do not follow a particular sequence. Study sheets for the next week’s course are on the tables in the Gathering Space.



September 21                                                        “How Did Jesus’ Death Save Us?”

Rooted at the heart of the Christian faith is the stubborn declaration that Jesus "died for us." Precisely why his death came to mean so much to Christians has, however, been a subject of wonderful and diverse exploration over the ages. Christians have come to understand the "how" in the "somehow" power of Jesus' death in three general ways: forgiveness, inspiration, and revelation. This study explains the three understandings and encourages us to appreciate the mystery, the "somehow," of our atonement through Jesus Christ.


September 28                                                           “Is There Life after Death?”

Just what does the Christian faith teach us about life beyond death? The world’s philosophies and religions offer a variety of options for us to believe: natural death as the end, immortality of the soul, reincarnation, resurrection of the body, and others. Which of these options best express what the Bible says?



October 5                                                                   “What Is Sin?” (Part 1)

How does the Bible describe sin? And is it as important as the church through the centuries has said? Have we, in our contemporary culture, perhaps outgrown sin? Is it only a leftover from a more primitive time? What is the big deal about sin?



October 12                                                                  “What Is Sin?” (Part 2)

We can find a basic definition for sin in the Bible, but it is the theologians and the teachings of the church that help us examine what sin means for our faith and our lives. In this session, we will build upon the exploration of sin from the first session and introduce some theological vocabulary to help us talk about sin and our faith.



October 19                                                                   “Does Hell Exist?”

What should Christians believe about Hell? This study examines where the concept of hell comes from, including ancient and Biblical concepts of hell, and encourages participants to discuss their own beliefs about hell. This study also considers the relationship between salvation and hell, as well as the questions, "Should Christians believe in hell?" and "Does salvation by faith in Jesus mean that non-Christians are going to hell?"



October 26                                                               “What Is Heaven Like?”

Ideas about heaven have changed over time. How can we understand heaven today? In this one-session adult study, participants will explore views of heaven as exhibited in the Bible and in ancient cultures, and discuss their own ideas of heaven.



Church contact info:  801 Bushnell Street

                                   Beloit, WI  53511







Bible 101 is for children of reading age and older. The class is for parents and children to learn the basics of the Bible while having fun with their parents. In the class there are games, crafts, and a scavanger hunt. 

Adult Bible studies are held throughout the year. Past studies of this year were; "The Purpose Driven Life," Jewish Festivals, Using Your Spiritual Gifts, 1 Peter Walk the Talk, and "The Shack."

Five Practices group is a group of individuals taking Biblical practices and applying them towards ministry. All are welcome.

God and Me

God and Me is for boys or girls involved in the scouting program. Individuals will earn their religious emblem while having fun.

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