The Sunday morning Bible Study

Where, When and How Long?

We meet at 9 AM for fifty minutes in the parlor of the First Congregational Church, 801 Bushnell St., Beloit, WI. Coffee, conversation and warm welcome is provided.


The Sunday morning Bible Study has resumed at 9 AM in the parlor looking at the Gospel of Mark. We meet for just under an hour.


 Why study Mark? Because it is good news. Talitha Arnold, the study’s author, writes, “From the very first verse [Mark’s] focus is the ‘good news of Jesus Christ.’ The good news that this Jesus is who he said he was—the One worth listening to, the One worth following, the One worth giving your life for.”



For next four weeks we will continue to read this “urgent, raw Gospel.” Please join us.

 Church contact info:  801 Bushnell Street

                                   Beloit, WI  53511







Adult Bible studies are held throughout the year. Past studies of this year were; "The Purpose Driven Life," Jewish Festivals, Using Your Spiritual Gifts, 1 Peter Walk the Talk, and "The Shack."

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